Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Meditation Retreat is a place for silent meditation that leads to transformation through an uninhibited observation of self. A strong connection is created between body and mind by intense meditation and a disciplined life style. Here the joyful journey of self exploration begins by the continuous witnessing of mind without any desire to really stopping it or interfering it. The mind comes in control effortlessly. Here effortlessness is the key feature for success. 
Silent meditation in its traditional form or Vipassana for many people can be too difficult as in its strict form it is too much demanding. It is the experience of the most of the people going through the traditional form of Vipassana that initially they simply wanted to run away. Many a people do really run away. For these reasons we at Sri Yoga Peeth offer a less strict kind of Meditation Retreat without compromising with its key features for the practitioners of the modern time. 

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