Wednesday, 15 June 2016

+Sri Yoga Peeth  is a meditation school based in the spiritual city Rishikesh. If you are willing to learn some serious spiritual practices then what place can be better than holy city of Rishikesh. Rishikesh is the origin place of various spiritual traditions and practicing meditation in Sri Yoga Peeth will make you feel connected and associated with ancient spiritual traditions. 
We welcome the serious spiritual practitioners who are willing to achieve the real spiritual experience and see yoga more than Aasana. We are organizing meditation retreatand meditation teacher training. Our meditation retreats are for meditation and not for luxurious holiday. Sri Yoga Peeth is a school founded by teachers who have understood the real and higher meaning of yoga as meditation rather than just Aasanas and other physical activities. As we know meditation is the bridge between a normal human being and accomplished master. We at Sri Yoga Peeth teach How to meditate in our daily routines? How to feel free from inside? How can a human get Real Happiness by doing his/her daily Karma (Works).

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