Friday, 24 June 2016

Meditation Teacher Training In Rishikesh, india

At +Sri Yoga Peeth  you will learn benefits, techniques and mechanism of various meditation techniques. There are promiscuous benefits of meditation. It is an essential practice for mental hygiene. There are various meditation techniques. They all seem attractive and are equally good. But how do you choose the right technique for you and for your students? These kind of important questions are taken into discussion. The various techniques of meditation are taught with their benefits and suitability. Personally it helps our practitioners to choose the correct techniques for themselves. 
After attending a course at +Sri Yoga Peeth  one can expect to get a calm mind, good concentration,clarity of perception, improvement in communication, blossoming of skills and talents, an unshakeable inner strength, healing, the ability to connect to an inner source of energy, relaxation, rejuvenation. These all are natural results of meditating regularly.
Our course is unreservedly designed for those who have a enthusiasm of meditation, who want to become meditation teacher for spiritual life and who want to share with others the good thing. 

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